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About Woe / Acerca de Woe

Post  qENT on Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:49 am

Hi guildies!.

I know WOE is on Saturday, so i was thinking that maybe we should set a strategy before. I mean, about guildies function in WOE; how we will face the enemy; and where we join before WOE begins.

I never played WOE before, so it would be helpfull for me and others that those who already played it tell us what about WOE.

Please Comment ! tongue

Hola gente de la guild!.

Ya sé que Woe es el próximo Sábado, entonces pensé que tal vez podríamos armar una estrategia antes de asistir. Quiero decir, acerca de nuestras funciones dentro de WOE; como nos vamos a parar frente a los atacantes; y cuando nos juntamos antes que WOE arranque.

Nunca jugué WOE, es por eso que sería de gran ayuda para mi y otros que quienes ya asistieron cuenten de qué se trata WOE.

Por favor Comenten! pirat

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Kaite Rush Technique!!!

Post  Eternal Soul on Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:04 am

Well a thing I would ask for in WOE would be that whenever we'r warped, we should be told which castle to assault... ALWAYS. God knows how many times we got split up because we didn't know where to go Sad
Other than that maybe wait for one another and advance in blocks, if we go solo we'll be slaughtered.
Btw qent the stuff boss wrote about WOE like the maps and stuff might be good for u to read if u hadn't yet study

And now I'll post here my super duper WOE tactic of doom (can only be used with two linkers), I call it: KAITE RUSH!!!
What is this Kaite Rush u may ask?
Well there was a certain WOE (WOE #2 I think?), where yours truly killed a Wizard by stepping into a Storm Gust Shocked How may u ask? Kaite! This is a skill that can reflect up to 2 magic hits back to it's caster, so when I stepped into it the Wiz got a bit of his own medicine. And yes Wizes suck at getting hit Cool
The great thing is that I can cast Kaite on other ppl when linked, the bad thing is that I can't link myself Sad
But u know how annoying it is when u get to the Emp Room and there are like 3 Wizzes casting area spells like crazy? How about killing them with a bunch of melee class guys? MADNESS!!! u may scream... But it is possible with KAITE RUSH!!! The plan is to gather a lot of melee badasses like Sins, Monks, Knights... And two linkers and then Kaite everyone and rush into the Emp Room, and... BOOM!!! Dead magicians Razz
I have no idea if it would ever work but I guess we could try it someday... But shhhhh! This will be our trademark move... I hope...

- Anima Eterna -
Eternal Soul

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Re: About Woe / Acerca de Woe

Post  Angel Gabriel on Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:35 am

Hello! Qent.
If possible try to put the strategy section of this forum an analysis of which is woe. We've had some experience in a few woe. I think a lot still do not understand much about woe. Therefore it is important that this section clarify the doubts. And we can give recommendations. It is equally important that admins (Anima, Qente and m) find a way to hide this information and is not free access without pass and login. We must learn to use the command Administrator

Down Page (Only Anima, Qent and me)
Administration Panel

Hola! Qent. Intentaré en lo posible de colocar a la seccion de estrategia de este foro un analisis de los que es woe. Ya hemos tenido algo de experiencia en una pocas woe. Yo pienso que mucho aún no comprenden mucho sobre woe. Por lo tanto es importante que en esa sección se aclaren las dudas. Y podamos darnos recomendaciones. Como también es importante que los administradores (anima, qent y yo) encontremos la forma de oculta esa información y no sea libre acceso sin tener pass y login.

Tenemos que aprender a usar el comando de administradores

Angel Gabriel

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Re: About Woe / Acerca de Woe

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