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Renewal Vids

Post  Eternal Soul on Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:26 pm

Hiya guildies here's Eternal once again.
As u know Renewal is getting closer and closer so i'm posting here some videos Saito showed me... Get ready for the madness; 30 tele tickets for the noobs, novices casting lvl 10 buffs, 314 flee sins, anything goes on Renewal Shocked

Intro to Renewal 1, Parts 1 to 3:

Intro to Renewal 2, Parts 1 to 2: (kinda lowsy sound)

I think Renewal might be a bit too noob friendly, but oh well new classes Razz

I'll try and check once in a while to see if TheDoddler posts any more vids and update the list, if u guys find any interesting Renewal vids, or have any oppinion on these vids do post them on this topic Wink

- Anima Eterna -

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